That Which Pierces
Volume 01
Japanese Title つらぬくもの
Volume 1
Chapters 1-7
Pages 192
JP Release Date October 4, 2012
US Release Date March 5, 2013
Next Volume Astro of the Battle Star

That Which Pierces (つらぬくもの, Tsuranukumono) is the first volume of the Sensei no Bulge manga.


Chapter ListEdit

  1. That Which Pierces (つらぬくもの, Tsuranukumono)
  2. Prince of the Planet (星の王子様, Hoshi no ōji-sama)
  3. The Prince's Job (王子の仕事, Ōji no shigoto)
  4. Start (スタート, Sutāto)
  5. Education Through Combat (実戦教育, Jissen kyōiku)
  6. Family or Yourself (家族か己か, Tami ka onore ka)
  7. The Determined Astro (決意のアストロ, Ketsui no Asutoro)

New Characters (In Order of Introduction)Edit

  1. Bulge
  2. Astro
  3. Astro's Boss
  4. Gordon
  5. Richard
  6. Chima
  7. Suntara
  8. Okikuna
  9. Macro
  10. Sho
  11. Little
  12. Fok Yok
  13. Hornet Kawar
  14. Planetary King of Industria
  15. Tiamat
  16. Jino
  17. Assassinian
  18. Yasashi
  19. Yasashi's Grandfather
  20. Yasashi's Brother
  21. John Kanti
  22. Nina
  23. Deadrock
  24. Nina's Husband
  25. Tad Pole
  26. Tico
  27. Mira


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