John Kanti
Name John Kanti
Race Alien
Gender Male
Affiliation Kanti Bandits
Occupation Leader of the Kanti Bandits
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 3
The Prince's Job

John Kanti is the leader of the Kanti Bandits, who were attacking the citizens of Orvel.


Kanti seems to be composed primarily of rock and has a very menacing face.


Kanti is a ruthless barbarian, enjoying hurting Industrians and making them suffer.


Not much is known about Kanti's history other than the fact that he is a worker for an alien called Deadrock and has been terrorizing Orvel for some time.


Kanti is first mentioned by the people of Orvel who fear and hate him for taking the men and women, leaving the elderly and children to suffer. He is attacked by Astro and Tiamat. He is quickly defeated and tied up.


Kanti is a worker for Deadrock and Tiamat regards him as having a low rank.


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