Name Jino
Race Human
Gender Female
Affiliation Industria
Occupation Servant
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Prince of the Planet

Jino (ジノ, Jino) is Astro's clumsy, self-doubting servant


Jino has light blonde hair pulled back into curls. She has freckles under each of her eyes.


Due to years of being abused by Bulge, Jino is cautious of everything she does and is always afraid that she will be beaten for her mistakes and wrongdoings.


Jino has spent a long time as a servant to the royal family, so long that she has recognized beatings as a regular thing.


Jino is first introduced in chapter 2 when she dressed Astro for his meal with the Planetary King of Industria. She is then tied up by an elite spy from the planet Assassinia who uses skin coating to take the form of Jino in an attempt to get the Org but he is recognized by Tiamet when the spy says "I'm very sorry!" instead of "Please don't beat me!" something Jino wouldn't do.


Jino spent much time with Prince Bulge and fears him greatly. When Astro became prince at first she was scared of him due to his resemblance of Bulge.


" Don't beat me!"

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