Astro of the Battle Star
Volume 02
Japanese Title 戦星のアストロ
Sensei no Asutoro
Volume 2
Chapters 8-16, Omake 1-2
Pages 192
JP Release Date November 2, 2012
US Release Date April 2, 2013
Previous Volume That Which Pierces

Astro of the Battle Star (戦星のアストロ, Sensei no Asutoro) is the second and final volume of the Sensei no Bulge manga.


Chapter ListEdit

  1. Tico (ティコ, Tiko)
  2. Astro's Past (アストロの過去, Asutoro no kako)
  3. Dark Energy (暗黒エネルギー, Ankoku enerugī)
  4. The Revived "Org" (甦る"王具", Yomigaeru "Ōgu")
  5. With New Determination (決意あらたに, Ketsui arata ni)
  6. Meet the Enemy (敵と会う, Teki to au)
  7. With Crooked Sadness (歪んじゃまった悲しみに, Yuganjamatta kanashimi ni)
  8. Respective Conclusions (各々決着, Onoono kecchaku)
  9. Astro of the Battle Star (戦星のアストロ, Sensei no Asutoro)
  10. Omake
  11. The Party from Hell Arc (獄宴編)

New Characters (In Order of Introduction)Edit

  1. Tico's Adoptive Father
  2. Tico's Adoptive Mother
  3. Kukulkan
  4. Black
  5. Slave Owner
  6. Kōhei Horikoshi (in "The Party from Hell Arc" Omake)


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